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Nano-C started operations in 2001, and is a leader in the world of nanostructured carbon materials and chemicals including fullerenes, nanotubes, and their chemical derivatives. Nanostructured carbon is a critical element in emerging high-value applications in the electronics and energy markets. These materials enable devices that are more durable and lighter weight, use materials and energy with greater efficiency, and are inherently more versatile—all at a lower total cost to the consumer. Nano-C's mission is to play a key role in enabling new applications of these materials, and is committed to their responsible development and use.

The -C is for Carbon

Four fundamental challenges are shaping the world we live in: It is important, and perhaps surprising, to recognize that carbon provides a foundation for addressing these challenges. For example, lithium ion batteries used in battery powered vehicles won’t work without carbon, modern-day water filtration systems need carbon to capture impurities, materials processing depends on carbon for lubrication, and synthetic diamonds used to protect materials in erosive industrial environments are made from carbon.

Nano-C manufactures a new class of carbon materials that will have a greater and more profound effect than existing forms of carbon in shaping solutions to these four challenges. These materials include fullerenes, carbon nanotubes and their chemical derivatives. Our innovations are derived from our competency in the chemistry of these new forms of carbon, enabling our customers to: We invite you to explore the world of these highly advanced materials and the exciting applications they make possible. Indeed, the opportunity in nano-structured carbon is anything but nano.

Latest News

Feb 10 2015: Irresistible Materials Signs License Agreement with MicroChem to Advance Sales of Novel Spin-on-Carbon Material Manufactured by Nano-C, Inc.

Mar 27, 2013: Nano-C, Inc. Announces Growth Financing Round. Fontanalis Partners led a round of investment that was backed by the continued participation from existing investors.



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